Chocolate packaging

There are different types of chocolate packaging, such as “cardboard-vacuum forming”, “cardboard-plastic die-cut box”, “plastic die-cut box”, “cylindrical box” and “vacuum forming”, each of which has its own characteristics.

Of course, there are other methods such as crystal, cardboard and nylon, which are not in our field of work. vacuum-cardboard) which is suitable for chocolate products and confectioneries. Next, we will examine the secondary packaging of chocolate…

Our services in the field of chocolate packaging

Types of chocolate packaging

Chocolate has a lot of variety, and there is a suitable packaging for each of them, which we will discuss further.

Cardboard-Vacuum Forming Stand Inside Box packaging

This type of packaging is the same as gift chocolates, you dear ones use them for different occasions.

Vacuum-cardboard packaging consists of three main parts: 1- vacuum formed part (chocolate vacuum stand) 2- Printed cardboard box 3- Cardboard box lid.

This type of packaging is often used for gift chocolates and Usually, the box is decorated with a special print or ribbon, which is suitable for giving as a gift.

The vacuum stand part is made by vacuum forming process, which is placed inside the cardboard box.

وکیوم استند جعبه ای شکلات
Vacuum Forming Stand Inside Box packaging
وکیوم استند جعبه ای شکلات
Gift chocolate packaging
وکیوم فرمینگ استند جعبه ای شیرینی و شکلات
Chocolate vacuum-cardboard packaging

Transparent Die cutting box

Transparent Die cutting box is actually a type of 82%db%8c/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Talqi box is flat, which can be used in chocolate packaging. This packaging is similar to cardboard boxes, but it is transparent and the contents inside the box can be seen. can be provided together with printing.

Cylindrical transparent packaging

Cylindrical packaging consists of three parts, which are: 1- Bottom 2- Body 3- Door.

The bottom is circular and is connected to the body by thermal welding, and the door is also It is placed on top of the cylindrical body which can be opened and closed. noopener”>Vacuum Forming are made and then combined with Talca body.

Vacuum forming packaging

This type of packaging is completely made with the vacuum forming process and is mostly used for packing dry fruits, smarties, patterned chocolates, etc.

Cardboard-Transparent Die cutting box

This type of packaging is in the form of cardboard, but it is designed in such a way that the lid or part of the body is cut and a transparent talc is placed in its place so that it can be seen inside the box.

Benefits of chocolate packaging

Chocolate is one of the lovely and delicious foods that play a very sweet role in the good moments of our life! The following can be presented:

  • Protecting chocolate from heat
  • Essential role in sales (especially gift chocolates)
  • Creating an interactive atmosphere and advertising
  • branding