Transparent Die-cut box

The transparent box is considered one of the most practical methods of packaging and presentation of goods, which has a mechanism similar to cardboard packaging, but is clear and transparent so that the product inside can be seen.

This type of packaging is relatively thicker than vacuum packaging and has less durability than cardboard packaging.

These boxes are also called diecut boxes.

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What is a transparent diecut box?

Transparent box is a type of transparent packaging whose mechanism is similar to cardboard packaging, but with the difference that it is transparent and the product inside can be seen, and it is also possible to produce it in different forms with printing.

Transparent diecut boxes are completely similar to vacuum forming packaging in terms of transparency, but the design and manufacturing process of each is completely different.

The way to make transparent boxes is something similar to making cardboard boxes.

Transparent box or diecut box is a type of transparent plastic box or packaging that is produced in different shapes and sizes and when the product is placed inside it is visible and it is also possible to print on it.

Based on observations, some people consider diecut boxes to be the same as vacuum forming packaging, while this is not the case, our suggestion is to refer to the following article to understand the differences:

The difference between vacuum forming and transparent boxes

Types of transparent boxes

In terms of shape, transparent boxes are divided into different types, such as cube, rectangular cube, conical, hexagonal, cylindrical, and mixed cardboard boxes.

Some of these boxes can be designed with handles and hangers, and there is also the possibility of offset and silk printing on these boxes.

1. Cube transparent box

Cube transparent boxes can be designed and produced as hanging and with handles, it is possible to print on these boxes.

2. Rectangular cube transparent box

Rectangular cube boxes can be designed and produced in different sizes with hanging and handles, it is also possible to print on these boxes.

3. Hexagonal transparent box

Hexagonal boxes are mostly used for packaging gift products and can be designed and produced in different sizes.

4. Transparent-cardboard combined box

The cardboard-transparent combination boxes have a window like that which allows viewing the product.

5. Transparent cylinder

Transparent cylinders have three parts: bottom, body and lid, which are made by vacuum forming process and then the body is combined. This packaging is also suitable for gift products.


This type of packaging can be used for any product, but in Iran, most of the time, Talqi boxes are used for packaging gift and fantasy products, and for packaging other products such as Chocolate packaging and … can also be used.


The advantages of diecut boxes are their transparency and this feature allows the customer to see the product inside the package and then buy the product.

According to experts’ surveys and research, most buyers prefer to be able to see the product before buying and then proceed to purchase, so transparent boxes and vacuum forming packages give this opportunity to customers and this can increase the sales of your product. .

Transparent box production process

The process of making transparent boxes is similar to making cardboard boxes and there are other things that we plan to cover in the coming days.

Raw material

The primary materials used in transparent boxes are: PVC, PET and PP


Among the devices that are used in the process of making transparent boxes, we can mention the lip glue device, the bending device. The lip glue machine performs gluing on the edges of the boxes, and the bending machine can also add a line to the box to make the assembly process easy.

Samples of diecut transparent box