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Vacuum forming is a very precise, engineering, sturdy, flexible, beautiful and inexpensive packaging method.
Vacuum forming packaging with a variety of vacuum mold design and the use of polymer raw materials PET, ABS, PVC and HP polystyrene for packaging fruits, nuts, sweets and chocolates, eggs, other foods, cosmetics, tools Used tools, electronic and automotive products, all kinds of toys and the production of all kinds of plastic parts and disposable utensils.

What is vacuum forming?

Vacuum forming is a process in which a roll of polymer (plastic) sheet is shaped into a pre-designed mold. In the vacuum forming process, first a metal or wooden vacuum mold is designed for the desired part or product, then this mold is connected to the vacuum forming machine. Depending on the customer's needs, a roll of polymer sheet with a specific diameter of PET, PVC, HP, ABS or other required polymers is connected to the power supply of the machine.
The vacuum forming machine opens the polymer sheet and heats it in a chamber so that the sheet can be heated and softened. Then, by moving the mold towards the softened sheet, the sheet takes the form of the mold and is quickly emptied by a vacuum valve between the mold and the polymer sheet. To maintain this state, the polymer sheet is cooled quickly and then directed to the cutting section.

Advantages of vacuum forming

  • Ease of storage and management of goods
  • Protecting goods against environmental changes
  • Very fast and easy shipping
  • Stylish packaging to offer to professional and export markets
  • Ability to view the product due to the transparency of the packaging
  • Very high strength and mechanical protection for sensitive and brittle products (such as eggs)
  • Economic savings
  • Consumer convenience for maintenance and consumption

Ararat Vacuum Forming Services

  • Your packaging consultant
  • Production of all ABS-PVC-HP-PET vacuum forming orders
  • Production of plastic boxes
  • Production of tray-shaped packages and plastic containers
  • Design and manufacture of various types of vacuum forming molds with CNC
  • Tampo printing on disposable utensils and other plastic parts
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Why do our customers choose us?

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What sets us apart from other competitors

mold design

Our design team with complete experience and necessary skills will provide a complete and accurate 3D scan of your product.

mold manufacturing

Mold making, which is often made of aluminum, is based on the obtained design with very high precision by CNC machines with 3 or 5 axes.

Raw material

According to the customer's order, it is possible to use different types of thermoplastic polymer sheets such as ABS, PET, PVC, HP, etc.

Packing stitching

If the customer needs, it is possible to sew packaging with a high quality